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 -> Fantage Guide - Making StarS

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PostSubject: -> Fantage Guide - Making StarS   Tue Apr 29, 2008 10:08 am

There are plenty of ways to make StarS on Fantage, Here are some main things to do that can help you a lot with stars.

Remember, You may not get as much StarS as you want right away but just keep trying.

Of course the games are one of the best ways to get gold.
Here are some game I think are the best way to get stars;
Buzzer Beater (Est. StarS - 30-80*)
Bobo Fish (Est. StarS - 6-70*)
Jelly Fishin' (Est. StarS - 5-100*)

*The estimated StarS you earn may vary. That is just what I usually get.

All the games are a super way to get gold but keep those 3 in mind if you want some intense Gold-age.

They give out gold every 5-15 minutes aswell as fruit. The StarS are priced at 1,5 and 10 and are scattered all over the arena. Trust me - it does work! I have gotten about 300 StarS inn 10 minutes with the arena.

The membership is a good way to get gold also, it gives you 1000 Stars when you join up and every month, Fantage gives you 1500 StarS.

Saving up is also a good way to get gold, if you play the games, etc. and then save it all; trust me it will add up.

Thank you for reading, please reply if this helped Very Happy


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-> Fantage Guide - Making StarS
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